How To identify a Good Fitness Program from an Average One

When it comes to choosing a physical fitness training program for your fitness regime you are better off doing some research and hard work. With so many bootcamps on offer it’s very difficult to gauge the quality. Attending an average boot camp regime can set back your fitness goals. Here are some parameters from Dan Clay at to help guide you on the best fitness boot camps out there.

Check the client list 

The pot pouri of culture that goes into Sydney Park group fitness training is important for your comfort zone.  You have to make sure that the crowd that goes into the fitness program is to your taste. Would you describe your preferences as subtle and classic or young and trendy? The answer will tell you which kind of bootcamp you should attend. Find out about the level of interaction between participants at bootcamp, fitness levels practiced and the kind of music preferred.

Class size is very important as it will determine your chances of interaction with the fitness trainers.  If you want to have personal attention, choose bootcamps which have lower class sizes.

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Tips for choosing the best boot camp in Sydney Park

What do the testimonials say?

Testimonials here do not pertain to the synthetic manufactured stuff put up on the websites. You need to get down to the field and talk to real people who have attended the bootcamps and hear what they have to say. Get the Sydney Park boot camp managers to provide you with some ex client contacts and then call up some of them. Learn all you want to from these guys because this is information coming out straight from the proverbial “horses’ mouth”.

What are the qualifications?

The quality of fitness instructors working at the bootcamps is important in judging the standard of the boot camp. One important thing you could do is to learn about the qualifications and certifications of fitness instructors. At the least you should check whether the instructors have relevant certifications (a min of level 4 fitness certificate) from fitness Australia. You should also see if the trainers have been diligent enough to ensure completion of several CEC courses. A good idea is to meet the trainers before you actually sign up for the camp. This will give you a good idea of whether or not you are going to click with them.

How structured are the workouts?

The workouts can be varied at bootcamps and not all of them will be structured. However you need to go about your exercises in a structured graded way especially if you are a beginner aiming to get a stronghold on fitness. The difference between structured and unstructured workouts is a lower injury rate and a faster result achievement record for the former. Look for Sydney Park bootcamps which offer endurance exercises, strength training, cardio and balance and coordination development.

Workouts should have solid warm up sessions and some good stretch exercises too. Now that you know all the thumb rules of a good bootcamp regime, start your search for the perfect camp right now.

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