Modern lifestyle brings with it a strong dose of stress which causes a multitude of health problems and dipping Concentration levels. Low levels of mental alerts lead to performance impairment at work and anxiety.

However, the good news is that you can do a lot to improve your concentration levels especially when you take the initiative of investing in a body transformation program. Learn more about the connection between exercise and concentration.

How exercise scares over repeat lessons
Children are unusually susceptible o the problems of modern life like lack of exercise and over consumption of junk food. Many children nowadays suffer from low levels of concentration which affect their academic performance academically.

A scientific study carried n by a leading research agency showed startling results.  Children who were subjected to higher levels of exercise showed drastic improvements in their concentration level. Their results surpassed those kids who had been given additional lessons in an attempt to boost their academic performance.

The results suggest that proper arrangements should be made in schools to incorporate personal fitness training to kids. Scheduling extra lessons at the cost of games activity will actually harm the mental concentration levels of kids.

Studies concerning youth concentration and exercise
A famous experiment done by a leading research center focused on the beneficial effects on adults who had undergone a three-month-long aerobic exercise program. The adults who had successfully undergone personal fitness training showed remarkable improvement in tests which mapped the concentration and mental alertness levels.

Strong and regular physical activity is believed to stimulate dense interconnectivity and diverse relationships between neurons. The growth of new neurons will lead to mental stimulation and enhanced levels of concentration.

Keep away age-related disorders
There are many age-related disorders of the nervous system like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s which forces a sharp decline in all mental functions. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that these disorders can be prevented by regular doses of Sydney personal training supervised by expert physical trainers who have specialized knowledge in Geriatric care.

Regular exercise is proved to have improved the mental performance of people suffering from Parkinson’s. Alzheimer and ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)

Enhance self image
Most people who lead sedentary lifestyles suffer from weak concentration levels which are partly brought on by anxiety. The basic reason is that lack of exercise brings on body image issues and lack of confidence in personal abilities. The moment someone makes a decision of indulging in a healthier lifestyle choice like investing in a weight loss program, the equation begins to change.

Exercise will tone up the body, burn fat and improve self-image. This will automatically improve confidence levels and the person will automatically start feeling more capable and concentrate more on his/her work. Exercise will rid the mind of all negative thoughts and stimulate feelings of positivity and focus. A person who exercises regularly or engages in personal training will be less prone to fluctuating concentration levels. The quickest way to lose weight is to follow a body transformation program designed to torch unwanted body fat fast.

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Some people tend to thinks that there is no need to hire a steel mace fitness trainer when you can do the same workout for free, without having to pay for a trainer. This is, of course not true, as hiring a Fitness Trainer who did his studies at personal trainer courses will show its effects. 

Take celebrities, for example, their fitness goals are easily achieved thanks to their trainers. Here are some reasons why you should work with fitness trainers.

1) One of the most evident advantages of hiring a Fitness Trainer is that you get individual attention. When becoming a personal trainer your fitness coach has learned how to understand your body and your fitness goals within a mace workshop. According to this knowledge, they will design steel mace exercises and diet program such that you will be able to achieve your goals in the minimum time possible. They will ensure that the energy you spend in doing the workout, is employed in only the right exercises and is not wasted.

2) Secondly, Fitness trainers will keep you dedicated. When you are doing the workout on your own, you may skip a few moves, or not watch your diet, indulge in bad eating habits. However, when you have a Fitness Trainer to answer the other day, you will be less indulgent. They will help you to keep up, and not lose sight of your goal. They will motivate and encourage you to work harder and do your best.

3) Quite a number of times, when people work out on their own, they tend to overwork themselves, ignoring the subtle signals their body gives them. This can cause injuries and harm in the long run. A Fitness Trainer will help prevent such incidents. They will also show you the right position to do the exercises in, the right number of repetitions and other details that are vital in order to achieve your goals.


4) Lastly, fitness training allows a lot of flexibility. You can work out at home if that is what is convenient for you. You can arrange anytime to work out, according to your work and other schedules. A trainer will be flexible regarding the workout itself too. 

They will add variety and spice it up if you find the routine boring. Therefore, fitness trainers in are a sure shot way to achieve success regarding your fitness. They are the perfect combination of qualification, education, and training.

Staying committed to a weight loss plan can become trying at times. This is especially true when you don’t see the expected results even after following a plan for months. The fact is just working out regularly will not be that effective unless you tweak your food habits and lifestyle for good. A good functional training program can provide you with more insight about the little changes that make a big impact on your weight.

Eat Well throughout the Day

Eat three major meals in a day i.e breakfast; lunch and dinner. This keeps the hunger pangs at bay and you don’t feeling like snacking on unhealthy food at all hours. Also, your metabolic rate remains steady which means your body continues to burn fat throughout the day. Skipping meals slows down your metabolic rate and your body stores more fat as emergency option to release energy in the absence of food.

Drink Plenty of Water

Your personal trainer will tell your that drinking plenty of water can also help you lose weight. Water flushes out toxins from your body thereby giving you a leaner look. Drinking water before your meals makes you feel fuller so that you eat less. Eat more fruits and veggies that have higher water content such as cucumber, pineapples, watermelons, tomatoes, grapes and the like. These keep you full for long and also have some nutritional value.

Functional Fitness Courses

When I studied atvFunctional Fitness Courses we were told to always eat 5-6 meals a day, to cut starchy carbs and to increase our lean protein intake. This advice has served me well over the years and I follow this nutrition plan today.

Have a Hearty Breakfast

Begin your day with a wholesome breakfast and you won’t feel hungry before lunch time. A nutritious breakfast also stimulates your metabolic rate so your body burns fat at a quicker pace. Moreover, you will feel more energized and will be able to remain active which again helps your body to burn fat.

Follow a Protein-rich Diet

Any functional fitness trainer will tell you that in order to lose weight fast you need to consume more protein rich food. This is because protein helps in building lean muscles that consume more energy. This energy is released by burning the fat stored in your body. Moreover, protein rich food takes longer to digest and you remain full for hours. Naturally, the urge to snack intermittently is significantly less.

Organize your Pantry

A small step in the right direction is organizing your pantry and removing all unhealthy food and snack options. Do not buy processed food, energy bars laden with sugar, chips and cookies, rich deserts, alcohol or other items that serve for a quick snack or ready-to-serve meals. All these contain harmful calories that are stored as fat in your body. So if you don’t buy them you will not eat them; as simple as that!

Kettlebell Training 

Kettlebell training is a fantastic way to lose weight, I have had hundreds of clients lose lot’s of weight with just kettlebells. I recommend you hire a personal trainer who has been certified through a recognised kettlebell course.

Concentrate on your Food

Most of us are inclined to do something while eating; maybe like watching TV or speaking on the mobile or working on computers. However, this means you are not really careful about how much you eat and you can actually end up consuming more. Learn portion control from your personal trainer. Use smaller plates so that even a small serving looks large enough for visual satisfaction. Take time to chew your food and enjoy each bite.


If you are located in Sydney I highly recommend you contact the guys at Functional Fitness Courses. These are the best in the business at delivering functional training programs.

Parameter for Measurement
Fitness trainers contend that your goals provide you parameters for measurement. Your goals also include the time duration of your goals. You can measure your results by comparing your actual results with your written goals or by completing a racing event or obstacle race.

If both of them don’t match, that’s a clear sign that you are lacking somewhere in the whole process. Either you are not practicing your workouts with complete dedication, or you are not practicing the right workouts. By providing parameters for measurement like an obstacle race, they will keep you motivated.

Obstacle events are great for staying motivated!

Saves From Weight Loss Plateau
When you start workouts with no objective, you might get benefits in the beginning, and can notice great changes in your body. But as you proceed with your training program, your workouts will start losing their impact on your body, and no matter how hard you try, you seem to get no gain from them.

The situation of weight loss plateau comes up when you practice your workouts without any pre-defined goals. Your goal might be to lose weight, but you are not sure, how much weight you want to lose and in how much time. You can control your body and mind by fixing goals – a mind is a powerful object… so use it wisely and harness its power!

Challenge your body
Your body loves to accept challenges like the Spartan race, and work better and faster under challenging situations. Realistic goals provide a challenge to your body and act as a catalyst for it to attain incredible results. Goals provide you a way to bring your body out of the comfort zone. Aim to complete an adventure race or obstacle course that will challenge you and test your limits.

Check out DF Elite for more info on adventure races and obstacle events.

For challenging your body, keep re-assessing and updating your goals. And you certainly can double the pace for the achievement of goals, if you get into the habit of visualizing your goals. Personal trainers can assist you a lot in setting realistic fitness goals, and suggest numerous effective ways to reach them swiftly.

When it comes to choosing a physical fitness training program for your fitness regime you are better off doing some research and hard work. With so many bootcamps on offer it’s very difficult to gauge the quality. Attending an average boot camp regime can set back your fitness goals. Here are some parameters from Dan Clay at to help guide you on the best fitness boot camps out there.

Check the client list 

The pot pouri of culture that goes into Sydney Park group fitness training is important for your comfort zone.  You have to make sure that the crowd that goes into the fitness program is to your taste. Would you describe your preferences as subtle and classic or young and trendy? The answer will tell you which kind of bootcamp you should attend. Find out about the level of interaction between participants at bootcamp, fitness levels practiced and the kind of music preferred.

Class size is very important as it will determine your chances of interaction with the fitness trainers.  If you want to have personal attention, choose bootcamps which have lower class sizes.

boot camp sydney park

Tips for choosing the best boot camp in Sydney Park

What do the testimonials say?

Testimonials here do not pertain to the synthetic manufactured stuff put up on the websites. You need to get down to the field and talk to real people who have attended the bootcamps and hear what they have to say. Get the Sydney Park boot camp managers to provide you with some ex client contacts and then call up some of them. Learn all you want to from these guys because this is information coming out straight from the proverbial “horses’ mouth”.

What are the qualifications?

The quality of fitness instructors working at the bootcamps is important in judging the standard of the boot camp. One important thing you could do is to learn about the qualifications and certifications of fitness instructors. At the least you should check whether the instructors have relevant certifications (a min of level 4 fitness certificate) from fitness Australia. You should also see if the trainers have been diligent enough to ensure completion of several CEC courses. A good idea is to meet the trainers before you actually sign up for the camp. This will give you a good idea of whether or not you are going to click with them.

How structured are the workouts?

The workouts can be varied at bootcamps and not all of them will be structured. However you need to go about your exercises in a structured graded way especially if you are a beginner aiming to get a stronghold on fitness. The difference between structured and unstructured workouts is a lower injury rate and a faster result achievement record for the former. Look for Sydney Park bootcamps which offer endurance exercises, strength training, cardio and balance and coordination development.

Workouts should have solid warm up sessions and some good stretch exercises too. Now that you know all the thumb rules of a good bootcamp regime, start your search for the perfect camp right now.

Fitness experts say that long hours of inactivity have a lot of negative repercussions on health. Besides leading to muscular atrophy and decreased performance of cardio vascular system, increased chances of diabetes and hypertension, long spells of inactivity lead to development of kidney disease. There is a very strong connection between a sedentary lifestyle and renal failure. The modern lifestyle is especially conducive to the development of kidney disease (which shows a 3% annual growth rate).

High blood pressure and kidney disease

Fitness and exercise

Fitness training and regular exercise can reduce health problems significantly

High Blood pressure is an immediate by product of a sedentary lifestyle. Blood pressure is actually defined as the amount of pressure that is generated in the arteries with every pulse beat. A lot of added pressure can damage the internal organs including the kidney. Inactivity leads to muscular atrophy which weakens the walls of the kidney. Hypertension is a disease which puts a lot of pressure on the minute blood vessels of the kidney. The enhanced pressure stops the filtering process from working.

Inactivity and lack of exercise leads to hypertension which in turn leads to renal failure. Fitness experts say that a person suffering from high blood pressure is 60% more likely to develop renal disease.

Diabetes and renal failure

Diabetes is the condition caused by deficient production of insulin in the body. Insulin hormone is produced by the pancreatic cells and it helps in regulating the glucose levels in the body. Poor control over insulin leads to wildly fluctuating glucose levels in the blood. According to fitness experts one of the primary reasons of development of diabetes is lack of physical activity.

Diabetes or high blood sugar builds up gradually in the blood. The glucose levels will damage the tiny filters in the kidney and the ability of your kidneys to throw out waste products and toxic fluids is hampered. Fitness research and medical experts say that about 50% of people with type 1 diabetes will develop kidney disease along the years. Again 30% of people with type 2 diabetes will develop renal failure along the years.

Exercise and treatment of kidney disease

Fitness research indicates that exercise is important for the treatment of kidney disease. Regular doses of exercise will help people with acute kidney disease in living a long and healthy life. Fitness research shows that regular doses of exercise will allow patients who suffer from CKD (chronic kidney disease) to enjoy a comparatively pain free existence.

Research was done on 15,368 adults and about 6% of them had acute kidney disease. Fitness experts, doctors and a panel of medical professionals coached the respondents on various diet and exercise techniques. At the end of a trial period of 7-9 years it was found that the participants who suffered from acute kidney disease lived a longer and relatively painless life.

Fitness experts say that lack of exercise makes the onset of kidney disease easier especially when combined with unhealthy diet. Fitness research also indicates that exercise helps people who are already suffering from kidney disease recover.